URIEL Ostomy Abdominal Belt for Post-Operative Colostomy or Ileostomy Surgery

  • Ostomy Abdominal belt for post-operative care after Colostomy / Ileostomy surgery
  • Provides hernia support and protection with strong even support for the abdominal wall.
  • Made of stretch fabric with stabilizing ribs to prevent wrinkling, providing comfortable fit
  • For Right or Left Stoma - 3.14" Ring/Hole - 8" Width
  • Breathable material with sweat management qualities
  • Measure around center of Stoma for size
  • If you are close to the top range of sizing we recommend next size up - - Small 31.5-33.5", Medium 34.5-38.5", Large 39-42", XL 44-48", XXL 50-54"

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