Premium Enema™ Replacement Silicone Enema Hose w/Stopcock Tap Non-Return Valve

  • SUITABLE FOR PREMIUM ENEMA ENEMA KITS - this silicone hose with stopcock and tip is designed for all Premium Enema branded enema kits plus most generic enema kits.
  • NON TOXIC - Every part of our enema hose assembly is BPA Free and Phthalates Free, so you can be assured that our products are the purest available.
  • PRECISE WATER CONTROL WITH NO SPILLS - Do you want the best control of your enema water with no risk of spills? We searched for a premium quality alternative to the traditional "pinch" clamp and provide a yellow "stopcock" valve with our silicone hoses. The stopcock valve is easy to use with one hand, and you can precisely control how fast the water flows. Plus, once its turned off it is impossible for the water to leak and spill onto the floor.
  • FLEXIBLE TIP - A hose isn't much help without a tip, so we've included a flexible tip for your convenience.

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