Hernia Belt - Support Truss


Providing support for a single or a double hernia, the Vive hernia belt relieves pain and discomfort caused by inguinal or sports hernias. Discreetly worn under your clothing, the dual hernia belt is fully adjustable and utilizes a strong fastener system for a secure fit. The lightweight hernia truss includes two removable compression pads for supporting weakened groin muscles and applying constant, gentle pressure to a hernia.


Constructed with a durable, machine-washable blend and a strong fastener system, the hernia belt is designed to be discreetly worn beneath your clothes for all-day relief. The latex-free blend will not slip, twist or slide for a comfortable fit throughout daily activities.


Suitable for alleviating pain due to a single or a double hernia, the hernia belt includes two shaped compression pads to provide additional support for weakened muscles. The firm silicone compression pads are also removable for comfortably supporting single hernias.


 Secured by a strong fastener system, the dual hernia truss has an adjustable waistband accommodating waist sizes. Two elastic leg straps secure without the use of uncomfortable buckles and snaps. The hernia belt also includes two loop straps for ensuring the leg straps remain in place for optimal support.

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