Eco-Friendly 33 Gallon Trash Bags Recyclable (150 Count, Black)

  • GO GREEN: Recyclable & Made from Recycled Content (min. 20% post-consumer recycled) - SCS Certified
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, WHOLESALE QUANTITY & PRICE: 150 Bags (33 Gallon) for long-lasting value
  • THICK (1 mil) & WELL-SIZED (33"x39"): Built tough to help the environment. Eco Friendly can liners
  • CUSTOM-DESIGNED: Tear-resistant, leak-proof, perforated, compactor friendly. Fits medium cans / bins
  • RELY ON RELI.: Tailor-made for your office, house, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car, or business

About Reli. EcoStrong Trash Bags:

Each bag is recycable & made from recyclable material (min. 20% post-consumer recycled content), as certified by SCS Global Services. Each case includes 150 Go Green Trash Bags developed and distributed using Reli's global and domestic operations to enable premium quality, while supporting environmental friendliness as well as wholesale quantity & prices. Each of the 10 rolls (15 bags each roll) is coreless and compact, offering easy storage and so that you can easily tear each bag off of the perforated rolls. Perfectly sized at 33 inch width x 39 inch length to securely hold all of your trash. High Density thickness (1 mil) to protect against tears, holes, and leakage. Fits small trash cans and bins. Each bag is equipped with Star Seal Bottom Technology for all-around protection from even the toughest trash and waste. Each bag is manufactured with High Quality Resin Materials for providing maximum strength. All of the bags are black in color to provide a visually appealing look while hiding trash bag contents.

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