Colostomy Bag Drainable Pouch & 3 Clamp Closure - 10 Pack

New version with larger tape surface, not prone to leak any more.
If the skin barrier is too sticky, please try to fix the issue by using the "Skin Barrier Spray", "No Sting Barrier Film" or "Barrier Paste"

Tips for usage
1.The ostomy bag can last about 3-4 days if you don't let them fill over 1/3 or get too sweaty.Don't use it over 6 days, it may lose adhesive for such a long time.
2. Avoid running or exercise with the ostomy bag.
3. If you place the barrier rings in well and use skin barrier liquid adhesive (not included) they will hold quite a bit longer.
4. With routine cleaning of warm water helps keep the seal.

LotFancy combines the skin barrier and the collection pouch into one simple, easy-to-manage system, providing great simplicity. The colostomy pouch is easy to apply with the attached clamps providing security you can feel as the plastic fasteners lock into place, easy to empty and irrigate.

Intended for use by patients with stoma problems.
Change the bag more frequently if used for ileostomy, because the excrement of ileostomy is in liquid form and has digestive enzymes, more irritating to the skin than other colostomy.
Adhesive ability will be affected by continuous use.
If the bag is full of air, venting through the observation window is allowed by placing a small hole at the top of the bag.
Ostomy bag cannot be thrown directly into toilet or cloaca, and and should be disposed of properly.
Patients allergenic to adhesive should use it with caution.

Wafer size:1 to 2 1/2 inches, cut to fit
Bag Size: 11.2 x 5.9 inches
Material: CO-EX membrane, non-Woven fabric

Package includes:
10 x One-piece system ostomy bags
3 x Clamps
1 x Ostomy measure card
Instruction book

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