Biodegradable 13 Gallon Trash Bags (1000 Count Bulk)

  • Biodegradable Trash Bags (Oxo) (See Product Description) | 13 Gallon | 1000 Count in Bulk Value
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, WHOLESALE QUANTITY & PRICE: 1000 Bags (13 Gallon) for long-lasting value
  • THICK (8 mic) & WELL-SIZED (24"x32"): Built tough to help the environment and nature. Eco Friendly
  • CUSTOM-DESIGNED: Tear-resistant, leak-proof, perforated, compactor friendly. Fits small cans / bins
  • RELY ON RELI.: Tailor-made for your office, house, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car, or business

About Reli. BioGrade Trash Bags:

Our Mega Pack case includes 1000 Trash Bags developed using Reli's global & domestic operations for premium quality, wholesale quantity & prices. Each bag is designed to be trouble-free. They can be easily torn off of the 20 coreless rolls (50 bags per roll), offering effortless usage & storage. BioGrade Trash Bags use EPI additives (ASTM 6954). EPI additives can facilitate degradation (over many years) when placed in an appropriate compost facility environment. Extent and quickness of degradation will depend on surrounding environment and product formulation. EPI TDPA can facilitate total degradation of polyethylene bags within 24 - 36 months given an appropriate disposal environment.

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